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Free File Viewer 2012.10

Free File Viewer lets you open a wide array of file formats
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Free File Viewer is a simple application which lets you open a wide array of file formats. For this reason, you can consider the program a document and image viewer, as well as a video and audio player.

The large palette of supported file types is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you have a single tool for viewing the content of different file formats, but on the other hand you are limited to just opening them, as you can't edit your files'contents. No matter if you intend to open Word, Text, or PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets or images, music or movie files, the procedure is the same for all format types. You can either select the desired file from within Free File Viewer's drop-down menu, or simply right-click on the selected file and choose to open it in the program. In both situations, the content is displayed within the view area of the app, without the possibility to apply any modification. Yet, you can select and copy text from document files, rotate and zoom in or out pictures, as well as play videos and songs; this is pretty much all the tasks you can perform to a selected file.

Besides, if you want to automatically open a specific category of files with Free File Viewer when you double-click them, you have the ability to enable this option in Preferences. If you do that, the tool becomes the default opening program for the file types according to your own selection.

This all-in-one viewer can be a compromise for situations when you need to view the content of a file and you don't have the specialized program to open it. In addition, it can be a solution to those users who don't want to clutter the computer system with tools supporting a small range of formats.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy-to-use app
  • Free tool
  • All-in-one viewer of image, document, video, and audio formats


  • No editing options whatsoever
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